Cementos Bio Bio S.A. It is a parent company of a group of companies that produce different inputs for construction. In addition to supplying a very wide market with a wide variety of products, they are one of the largest suppliers of the construction industry in Chile.

Industries related

Construction and Mining

Human Resources: More than 1,600 employees.

Webdox Goals

  • Cementos Bio Bio uses Webdox as a repository for its documents and as a support tool for the correct control of the contract.
  • Unify the location of your contracts.
  • Increase the domain of the company's contractual management.


  • Our cloud repository allows to unify the location of each contract that is uploaded to the platform.
  • The OCR technology of the Webdox search engine allows the user to easily and immediately access the documents searched in the repository.
  • The traceability of the contractual operations provided by the tool allows the user to better manage the business.


  • Improvements of 60% in Visibility.
  • Improvements of more than 50% in collaboration between departments.

"I would say that we have increased visibility by at least 60%"

Alex Sandoval Medel
Subgerente de Abastecimiento de Servicios de Cementos Bio Bio S.A.
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