Coca-Cola Andina is the largest bottler in Chile, with offices in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, born from the merger of Embotelladora Andina and Embotelladoras Coca-Cola Polar in the last quarter of 2012, the year in which it was responsible for distributing about 3.3 billion lt of soft drinks, juices and bottled waters; It is currently one of the 7 largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world.

Industries related

Fizzy Drinks and Juices

Human Resources: More than 16,000 employees in southamerica.

Webdox Goals

  • Centralize the different stages of the life cycle of a contract, thus delivering greater visibility of the contract and improving communication between the different departments involved.


  • Centralization of documents in a single repository easily accessible through their intelligent search.
  • Considerable increase in efficiency in the generation and approval of contracts thanks to the powerful Workflow tool that Webdox has.
  • Better performance in the analysis of your contracts thanks to Webdox reports on generated metrics.


  • 90% improvement in visibility
  • 85% improvement in the administration of their contracts
  • 99% decrease in signing and document search times

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