Tecnigen is a company born in Chile in 1999 with the alliance between Hänel S.A, a company linked to technology and Health, with Merck Germany, who integrates the Diagnostic area to the company. Tecnigen is one of the leading companies in its field, its commitment and dedication to the project to improve technology and health as they are known today has positioned them at the top of their professional and ethical development.

Industries related

Medicina, ciencia y tecnología.

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Webdox Goals

  • Tecnigen, a company that manages its business mainly in public tenders, uses Webdox as a means to avoid paying fines as much as possible.
  • Improve communication between departments.
  • Deliver the possibility of ordering, according to the needs of the entity, the contractual processes in such a way to keep a record or history of these.


  • Savings of 60% of fines (They face unavoidable fines for deadlines that are impossible to comply with those submitted in tenders)
  • 100% visibility improvements
  • 80% improvements in communication between departments
  • 80% improvements in Traceability

"It is a tool that, in its measure, has been able to add value to Tecnigen in the market ..."

Claudio Lobos Barraza
Sub Gerente de Administración de Contratos y OOCC de Tecnigen.
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