WOM is a telecommunications company, belonging to the British investment group Novator Partner LLP and its local partners, Phoenix One. It was born after the purchase of the former telecommunications company Nextel Chile in 2015 and its name is an acronym for Word of Mouth (word of mouth) WOM has experienced strong growth in this short term, with more than 4 million subscribers by 2018, about 20% of mobile phone subscribers in Chile.

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Human Resources: More than 1,400 employees.

Webdox Goals

  • Organize the processes in such a way that an orderly follow-up of these can be maintained.
  • Present a reliable structure of procedures whose purpose is also to order, and optimize.


  • Our flexible Workflow system allows the user to create processes divided into different stages according to their need, indicating the steps to follow in each of these and who are the participants.
  • The simplicity of the tool allows a practically immediate adaptation, helped by its intuitive system, thus managing to solve the problems identified from the minute the platform is introduced.


  • 100% improvements in the clarity and efficiency of Processes.
  • 90% improvements in contract visibility.

“Through Webdox, there are no more excuses. The responsibilities are much more defined. ”

Javier Cataldo
Administrador de Contratos
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