Our Partners

Our mission is to make contract management more efficient for large companies, and we are fortunate to have the support of internationally renowned institutions as strategic allies.


The IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) is an international organization present in 164 countries and with more than 40,000 active members, whose purpose is to identify and promote international standards and good practices for commercial and contract management.

Since October 2017, IACCM and Webdox have a strategic alliance for the joint dissemination of validated methodologies worldwide for contract management and technological management.

TOC Biometrics

Is a company specialized in the development of identity verification technologies and applications derived from biometric technology.

Its technological developments, based on a non-database structure, are focused on biometric, face-to-face or mobile authentication platforms for the financial, insurance, and health industries, among others. Its proprietary biometric authentication model for Smartphones enables secure interactions between institutions and their clients.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud combines a security model, a worldwide infrastructure and a unique ability to innovate with which you can keep your company protected and up to date in compliance with relevant regulations.

Since March 2018, Webdox is an official Google Cloud partner.


Axtel S.A.B  is a Mexican telecommunications company that serves both business and government markets as well as small businesses and residential market. Through its brand Alestra, they offer business and government services.

Since April 2018, AXTEL has partnered with Webdox to include the platform as part of the company's portfolio of services, enhancing Webdox's entry into the Mexican market.

Alster Legal

Alster is a legal strategic consulting and services company, whose objective is to be a vehicle to expedite business projects of companies of different sizes in the Latin American market, through quality solutions, provided by modular and multidisciplinary senior teams, powered by technology and motivated by innovation in the legal world.

Since February 2017, Alster and Webdox have a strategic alliance to support legal management in matters of services and legal consulting as well as the technological strengthening of the legal department of companies.